In Memoriam

Deutsch, Nederlands, Norwegian Bokmål

In Memoriam was written as a special site specific piece, to be performed in graveyards. Father, mother and young daughter Dora recount how they are trying to deal with the death of their son and twin brother, Arno. The dead boy also has his say. It explores not only the dark side of loss, but also the hope of solace.

Hanneke Paauwe works as an illustrator, as well as a writer and theatre director. Her awards include 1000 Watt Lichtpunt Award for Outstanding Artist (2004), Golden Cricket for the Most Impressive Performance (2004), Young Theatre Award for the Best Production (2005), and 1000 Watt Lichtpunt Award for a New Author Writing for Children and Young People in the Netherland and Flanders (2005).