Anne and Zef

Deutsch, Nederlands, Norwegian Bokmål

Young Albanian, Zef, is too scared to leave his house in case he’s gunned down in a long-standing blood feud. His life is starting to lose its meaning when he meets a girl – an angry girl with the kindest father in the world and a mother who doesn’t understand her. Her world is as big as the chestnut tree she can see from her window. Based partly on the diary of Anne Frank, Anne and Zef shows two young people who refuse to give up, despite their extreme circumstances.

Ad de Bont was born in 1949 and is a playwright and director. He studied Dramaturgy in Amsterdam, and went on to form the young people’s theatre company Wederzijds, where he was Artistic Director from 1982 until 2009. Ad has written, devised and directed a number of award-winning plays for young audiences.