All Days and All Nights

Deutsch, Nederlands, Norwegian Bokmål

A father dies leaving behind a wife, two daughters and the sort of financial and emotional complications most of us will leave in our wake. As time passes so old rivalries surface and new tensions appear. Not least who will look after Mother as she becomes increasingly frail? As the play moves towards a conclusion an emotional spring clean is underway and a form of reconciliation is arrived at. Skirting around the edges of these central characters are those of an ex-husband, the present partner and a globe-trotting daughter whose spirit for adventure is a telling contrast to the middle class burdens of the sisters; This is a family drama that is unsettlingly close to the experiences of families wherever they may be.

Margareta Garpe wrote her first plays in the early 1970s. Besides writing plays, she has made multiple documentaries and directed several Ibsen plays for Swedish television. Garpe has also been the president of the Swedish Playwrights Union and on the board of the Swedish Film Institute.