Theatre Café York

Theatre Cafe York took place from the 27th February until 1st of March 2014, with texts from Tiago Rodrigues (Portugal), Fredrik Brattberg (Norway), Martin Baltscheit (Germany), Peer Wittenbols (Netherlands), Saviana Stanescu (Romania) and Holger Schober (Austria), as well as a guest production of macrobert’s Titus and work by Young Angels Award finalists Action To The Word and Hal Chambers & Zoe Squire.

Some feedback from our York attendees:

“What I loved most about the pieces is that they were not afraid to challenge the audience and makes us really question ourselves and our society.”

“Intellectually stimulating, great theatre, really engaging for audiences of all ages.”

“One of the best pieces of theatre I have seen in years.”

“Thank you for such an amazing opportunity and insight into how theatre is made from the very beginnings!”

“I would just like to thank and congratulate all who ran and hosted this festival. I left feeling inspired and energised to continue with this work. I would also like to comment on the outstandingly high level of the professional actors, their performances blew me away.”

Photos by Jim Varney:

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