The Antelopes

In this satirical play, two Swedes, a middle aged couple on their last evening in Africa wait for, and then greet, their younger successor.

The Runner

The runner spends his time training at the local running track to avoid his bullies. He’s not a great runner, but at least it takes his mind off things.

Time of Darkness

A refugee father and daughter hide themselves away in a small flat in the suburbs, haunted by the memory of a mother who was lost to the sea during their escape.


The play deals with aspects of the James Bulger case. The 1993 murder and the trial of the perpetrators were followed with great interest in Sweden, a society with a very different concept of the relationship between young offenders and the criminal justice system.


Invasion! tells the story of Abulkasem, the menacing Arab character of Almqvist’s play Signora Luna. In Invasion! the identity of Abulkasem is being investigated and multiplied.

Do You Like Porn?

A young woman and a young man meet in the waiting room outside an audition for a play about sexuality. They start to talk… about porn.

Am I Comforting You Now?

It’s all about survival – survival of the unfit. By allowing the characters to shift their ages in mere seconds, our lifelong, recurring need for comfort is looked upon lovingly but with an acute sense of humour.

All Days and All Nights

A father dies leaving behind a wife, two daughters and the sort of financial and emotional complications most of us will leave in our wake. As time passes so old rivalries surface and new tensions appear.