Mother Africa

The great-grandparents of today’s Dutch immigrants were slaves themselves, so when an elderly Suriname lady tells school children about her early memories, the story goes much deeper than the dead-end jobs of those allowed to remain.


A mother and her troubled 18-year-old daughter Katalijne manage the roadside café where driver Remco gets his coffee most days.

In Memoriam

Father, mother and young daughter Dora recount how they are trying to deal with the death of their son and twin brother, Arno.


Lena is a successful painter – with a big secret. No one knows that she is paralysed from the neck down and paints all her pictures with her mouth.


Blowing uses Mother’s birthday present, a broadcast-quality video camera, as the central prop in this cruel and very funny play about unhappy families.

Anne and Zef

Based partly on the diary of Anne Frank, Anne and Zef shows two young people who refuse to give up, despite their extreme circumstances.

Human Flesh

This Dutch play will be presented at Theatre Cafe Berlin and Frankfurt in a new German translation by Rosemarie Still.


Mother has taken to her bed, felled by grief at the death of her husband almost a year ago. Her two young daughters have taken over the household and stick to a clockwork routine. The boy from over the road has to give a class presentation at school and has a list of questions to ask them on his chosen topic: death. After all, they’re bound to be experts on the subject, aren’t they?