The Heart of a Boxer

Young Jojo is without a job or girlfriend and most of all, without hope. To add insult to injury he is caught thieving and is sentenced to community service in an old people’s home.

Lizards and Salamanders

Sam has everything a young girl could want: a stable home, loving parents and a loyal best friend. Then she meets Marco, and abandons everything to pursue a utopia he has painted for them.


A play about teenagers, love, and the need to make radical choices, Sense is an intense, poetic journey into touching, inhaling, tasting, hearing, seeing and experiencing life to the extreme.


Four friends make a trip to Cologne. By the end of the night, their world has been turned upside down.

Death Message

Fatma is 28. Since she was 16, she has lived with her Algerian father in Berlin, turning her back on small-town Germany, its prejudices against a mixed-raced child and above all her mother, Annabelle. Now, Fatma’s father is dead.

Deportation Cast

Tot enkele weken geleden, ging Elvira naar een Duitse school en was ze net verliefd. Nu woont ze naast een vuilstortplaats in Kosovo en staart naar haar mobiele telefoon waarop geen krediet meer staat. Elvira is in shock over de plotselinge uitzetting van haar familie en wordt geconfronteerd met dreigende armoede en discriminatie.

Deportation Cast

Fram til for et par uker siden gikk Elvira på en tysk skole og var nyforelsket. Nå lever ved siden av en søppelfylling i Kosovo og stirrer på mobilen sin som er tom for penger.

Deportation Cast

Noch vor ein paar Wochen ging Elvira auf eine Schule in Deutschland und war frisch verliebt. Jetzt wohnt sie auf einer Müllkippe im Kosovo und starrt auf ihr Handy, mit dem sie nicht mehr telefonieren kann.


Der 18 Jahre alte Musa erhält eines Tages einen Brief von der Deutschen Ausländerbehörde, der ihn darüber informiert, dass er kein Libanese, sondern Türke sei und aufgefordert werde, das Land zu verlassen.

Deportation Cast

Up until a few weeks ago, Elvira went to a German school and was newly in love. Now she lives next to a rubbish tip in Kosovo staring at her mobile that has run out of credit.


18-year-old Musa receives a letter from the German Aliens Authority one day, informing him that he is not actually Lebanese, but Turkish, and is required to leave the country. Cheated concentrates on the existential devastation of a young person for whom, from one day to the next, nothing remains what it appears to be.

Heading For High Ground

A family of wolves are struggling to survive in the cold woods. A pair of sheep who can’t conceive are suddenly confronted with a baby wolf, which the ewe is keen to adopt as their own.